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Six Sigma Yellow Belt Blended Learning Ausbildung
Six Sigma Green Belt Blended Learning
six sigma lernplattform

Six Sigma Green Belts are employees who are ‘part time’ project managers. Usually they carry out improvement projects in addition to their operational work. Ideally, 1 or 2 days a week (25% of daily business). Also, they collaborate in more complex Projects which are operate under Black Belts. Their skills are important Tools and Methods, that are indeed helpfully outside of Six Sigma Projects.

Description Six Sigma Green Belt

Learning objectives “Six Sigma Green Belt ENGLISH” (8 days)

The Green Belt Program provides participants with an overview of Six Sigma as well as key concepts associated with effective project teams. Green Belts receive a subset of the more comprehensive Black Belt curriculum. Green Belts learn

  • – a structured problem-solving methodology for addressing business improvement projects,
  • – intermediate-level quality tools within that methodology, and
  • – how to generate bottom-line financial results.

The program focuses on the DMAIC model for process improvement and the relevant intermediate-level statistical and graphical tools within that model.

Course content

Introduction and project selection
  • Introduction into Six Sigma
  • Strategic direction
  • Customer requirements
  • Tasks of the Green Belt
  • Basis of statistik
  • Project definition
Messen und Analysieren
  • Prozessdarstellung
  • Messgrößen
  • Datensammlung, Auswertung, grafische Darstellungen
  • 5-S-Methode
  • 7 Arten der Verschwendung
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Kontrollen
  • Analyse von Messsystemen
  • Variationen
  • Kennzahlen
  • Sigma Berechnungen
  • FMEA
Verbessern und Umsetzen
  • Statistische Aussagen und deren Bestätigung
  • One-Piece-Flow-Prinzip
  • Pull-Prinzip
  • Standardisierung
  • TPM
  • DoE
  • Lösungsgenerierung und Auswahl
  • Kreativitätstechniken
  • Poka Yoke
  • Entwicklung von Sollprozessen
  • Kosten-Nutzen-Analyse
  • Schlanke und effiziente
    Prozesse implementieren
  • Prozesse dokumentieren


Green Belts who are groomed in the Six Sigma methodology help cascade Six Sigma approaches and techniques throughout your organization. They are employees at all levels who serve as high-performing team members on Black Belt project teams – or as leaders on projects.


As a participant, you will receive a qualification certificate from Six Sigma Deutschland GmbH, the content of the qualification fully complies with the Six Sigma concept of the American Society for Quality Management ASQ.


After submitting a project documentation to our trainer, a green belt certificate will be issued. The certification of an in-house project is included in the price. (If there is no possibility for an in-house project you have the possibility to participate in our certification workshop.)


The Six Sigma Green Belt training takes place in two training blocks, each lasting four days, from 9:00 to approx. 17:00, including several breaks.


The costs for the eight-day Six Sigma Green Belt training amount to € 4,400.- + VAT. Further costs do not apply.


Extensive training documents in paper form and as PDF files for download.You will receive an invoice from Six Sigma Deutschland GmbH including the registration confirmation.


Passbild Steffi

Stefanie Lugner
Tel. 0221 / 860 53 12


08.04. – 11.04.2019
in Cologne (1. block)

20.05. – 23.05.2019
in Cologne (2. block)

20.05. – 23.05.2019 in Frankfurt a.M. (1. block)

17.06.-20.06.2019 in Frankfurt a.M. (2. block)


2 training blocks, 8 days
€ 4.400.- + VAT


10 % early bird discount on bookings up to two months before the course starts.

Request this seminar in-house! Write to us or call us!

Participants comments

“…Vielfältigkeit und konkrete Anwendungsmöglichkeit…”

T. Stoffel, GEA AIR Treatment

“…sehr gute Atmosphäre…”
P. Lesch, GPTW Deutschland

“…gute Methodik und Didaktik des Trainers…”
D. Szajnowizc, g.e.b.b.

“…außergewöhnlich guter Trainer…”
A. Gartenicht

R. Volk, Allianz

“…didaktischer Aufbau und Durchführung perfekt…”
Baumert, AWUS Management für Professionals

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